23 while 23

Oh boy, just as I was trying to get in a habit of posting on this blog regularly, I slack off! But at least I’m back! :)  My birthday was absolutely amazing- and I have my best friends and family to thank for it.  My favorite thing about my birthday is that I get to hear from all of the people that I love and this birthday was no exception. Though I did the layout below after my birthday, I came up with my list before I blew out those candles.  I’m hoping that setting these goals will help keep me on track of doing some amazing things this year.  I had a lot of difficulty coming up with this list because I wanted to make the goals reachable but not make them too easy at the same time.  I can honestly say that I think I made a good list for myself.  I’m excited about being 23 and I’m going to be sure to make this an amazing year- I’ve already got a head start on some of my goals!

1. Practice my Spanish
2. Cook a full course meal
3. Learn a new game
4. Send more special occasion cards
5. Develop more pictures- Developed 102 the day after my birthday and got busy scrapping!
6. Learn a new craft
7. Drink only water (and juice in the morning) for an entire month!- 22 days down.
8. Make a piece of artwork for someone
9. Take a dance class- Wondering if a DVD will do lol (but I’m going to try the real deal)
10. Take more pictures- Working on it
11. Travel by plane
12. Read 12 novels- Just finished Eat, Pray, Love. Now I’m working on Look Again by Lisa Scottoline
13. Take an unplanned trip somewhere
14. Visit Sea World
15. Organize all craft supplies- I did a drastic cleanup, but I still don’t have everything completely the way I want it.
16. Do 1 layout (or more!) every week- FAIL! :(
17. Learn Illustrator
18. Finishthe TwoPeas photo challenge- Cracking out Week #1 as we speak :)
19. Take more walks- I think about this constantly but, UGH . ..  It’s so hot outside right now.
20. Go to a Lakers game- I got my Dad super excited about this one!
21. Go to a concert – Hoping it will be the Zac Brown band
22. Sew something
23. Blog more frequently
24. Work out consistently- So far so good!


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