Photography challenge begins . . .

It’s completely random but I’m already excited about the holidays.  Maybe it’s seeing the start of Christmas accessories at stores or just the fact that I’m tired of the exhausting heat, but I am ready for Thanksgiving! (then again, maybe I’m just excited about a big turkey dinner lol).  This happens to me just about every year- I start playing the Christmas music the day after Halloween. But somehow I always leave my Christmas shopping until the last week. I think it has something to do with the mindset of . ..  “save the best for last.” I love shopping for people’s gifts but I look forward to it so much and plan it in my head that I just keep waiting, and waiting and waiting until the lines are as long as ever! Then I get too overwhelmed.  So I’m going to start a new goal for myself . . . have all of my Christmas shopping done by December 1st . . . which means I’ll be starting tomorrow haha :)  Before I ramble on more about Christmas in AUGUST!!! let me move on lol.

I’m working on my Two Peas 12 week challenge to better pictures and so far . . . hmmm.  I’m working on adjusting aperature.  The goal was to take many pictures of the same item while adjusting the aperature.  I have to admit, after looking through the photos I couldn’t tell the difference between an F-3.5 and an F22!! I must be doing something wrong.  Maybe that’s why they give you a week to accomplish each task :) I’ll be adjusting again tomorrow.

Below is a very quick layout I did after work.  This was a photo taken last Christmas (ugh, what is up with me? lol) .  But I love it! Our annual Christmas party is a tradition and so much fun.  It wasn’t the same without of friend Nish, but were able to catch up with her soon after :)

One last thing for today . ..  I’m absolutely loving this song!


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