This Fall

I can’t believe it’s almost December!  The last few months have gone by so fast that I can’t believe my last blog update was in August!  With school, helping my sister plan her wedding, and then catching up on schoolwork, there wasn’t much time to update.  However, I did sneak in some “me” time to create some layouts :)  So much has been happening and I’ve been trying to capture as much of it on film as possible.  My photo library is pretty full from the last few months, so I have quite a few layouts planned for the near future :)

I have a few to share today!

And finally for today I have to share that I decided to participate in a workshop this month.  The workshop is called “Journal Your Christmas” which is hosted by Shimelle. I have vowed to spend at least 15 minutes every day making an entry into my mini-scrapbook.  I have always loved Christmas so much, but for the last couple of years I feel like it has gone by so fast and I haven’t really appreciated it.  My hope is that by journaling every day I will not only be able appreciate every day but also look back on it in years to come.  Each page is only 6×6″ and the pages are very simple, but the point for me this year is to just get it all down.  Journal, take pictures, and have some creative fun along the way.

I started my Journal on Thanksgiving since that’s really when the holiday season starts in our family.  Eventually I hope to have all the pages posted on my blog :)  For now, here’s the last 3!

And now for a picture that will capture most of the rest of my day: Coffee and my Psych textbook :)  Although, this is no ordinary coffee!  I don’t like coffee or eggnog alone.  However, together they make one delicious holiday drink!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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