December Journal

Wow! I must admit that making a journal entry every day of December has proved to be REALLY difficult so far.  I got waaaay behind as I was studying for finals the last couple of weeks.  I know . . . excuses, excuses.  However, I felt way too guilty when I started reading The Journal Your Christmas prompts instead of reading my textbook- so alas I gave up for a bit so I could do well on finals . . . which I think is a pretty valid excuse ;)

Anyways, I feel like I’m back on track.  I spent some time tonight journaling the days when something interesting actually happened (and I documented it with my camera!).  For the less interesting days that I was stuck inside with my head in a book, I decided to use Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas prompts (I still have to finish these days!)  But there is my update- I’m determined to finish this book! Even if I can only spend 5 minutes on each mini page, it will be nice to have this as a finished project to look back on years from now :)



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