Time for an update- I think I’m actually worse about updating my blog than I am about writing in a journal.  I wish I had a count of how many half (or quarter) filled journals I own.  Many times I have given up and when I decide to start again I make or buy a new journal- as if changing the cover or starting fresh is going to create a new habit.  This has been the pattern since I was about 8 years old.  Ah, but I digress.  No excuses about the past, and no promises for now as far as the blog goes :)


Listening to: Adele 21

Working on: Design portfolio for my final undergrad class

Reading: Still Alice

Looking forward to: Washington DC in July :)

Photographing: Buildings (I started with this theme in my photography class last quarter and something about architecture really stuck with me.)

Eating: Too many bowls of cereal.  It’s a quick meal.

Drinking: Too much coffee (hmm . . . I see a pattern here! ;)

Recently Bookmarked:

Camera Tutorials

Happy Indeed!

I really want to try to make these :)

I never get tired of watching this

Currently addicted to this blog

Sooooo cute and funny!

and finally, just a single layout for today!


2 thoughts on “Currents

  1. My mom brought home Still Alice (she works with Alzheimers patients at Dok Kaew). Isn’t it good? Very interesting read.

    • Yes, I completely agree! It was such a wonderful book and really makes one appreciate life and family. My Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago so I felt like I understood some of it from the family’s end, but reading it from the perspective of someone going through Alzheimers was so eye opening. If you know any other great reads, please feel free to pass them along- I’m always looking for recommendations :)

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