Bring it on!










With only 9 weeks between me and commencement, I purchased my final set of textbooks for my last class.  Wow, just realized that final and last are words that used to scare me when thinking about graduation, but now I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more excited or proud of myself.

I had originally planned to graduate 2 years ago with my design degree, but something told me that it wasn’t the right time to finish.  I love when I trust my instincts- they usually don’t steer me in the wrong direction.  So, I stuck with something that really interested me too- Psychology.  At first I hated the quizzical look people gave me when I told them my two diverse majors, but I have come to wear those titles like a badge of honor.  I love the way vastly different things interest me.  I hope I always continue to pick up new interests, and leave the things that don’t make me happy behind.

So here goes . . . I’ll be cracking out a design portfolio in just 2 months.  Bring it on!


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