Phone photo diary

I’m so excited to do this post! In fact, I may choose uploading this post over eating chocolate lol.  Now that’s saying something!

This afternoon I bought a micro-SD card reader so that I could transfer all of my phone photos to my computer.  I never really thought much about my phone photos since I usually take a small camera with me everywhere.  I knew that all of these were just random snapshots that I felt compelled to take when I didn’t have my other camera on hand (or was just too lazy to grab lol).  So, I have random snapshots (some of them actually pretty decent) from over 2 years!  They tell quite a story-  I give to you, my photo diary ;)

Two years ago I bought some rejected pumpkins at target on Halloween . . .

and after lots of carving, a splinter, and one ooey gooey mess on the counter, I had my very first carved pumpkin :)

The day after thanksgiving my sister and I did some serious shopping.  I think I woke up at 3am that morning (it’s all a blur now lol) and we got some Starbucks and braced the freezing air as we walked around Target, Kohls, and  . .. like I said- it’s all a blur ;)

Los Angeles on a rainy day . . .

Beautiful trees on campus that I could stare at for hours.

A new haircut

I took this one on my way to school.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m driving so I don’t get too distracted when I see the sky looking so perrrrty ;)

Studying for a phsychology final . . .

A puzzle I finished putting together with my Grandma :)

Interesting installation in our Art Department’s “garden” area.

One of my favorite LA experiences was attending the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest.  There were about 15 food trucks serving yummy food, and Zombieland played against the LA city skyline (which you can’t really see in the photo- but trust me, it was beautiful ;)

My Mom sent me the following photo of a pumpkin that one of the doctors she works with had carved.  Hmmm . . . I wonder if he’s a surgeon?

Photography critiques . . .

Photo courtesy of my friend Samantha who snapped this photo on Rodeo Drive.  We were wondering why people were gathered around this car like it was a celebrity. Later we figured out that it’s the fastest car in the world- a bugatti veyron!

There’s a reason why they call this place magical . . .

And finally, my favorite holiday cookies . ..  mmmm . .. now I’m ready for some

chocolate! :)


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