When life hands you a lemon . . .

don’t pass it on to me to make lemonade, because (non metaphorically speaking) I make pretty bad lemonade :(  After receiving some really juicy lemons from a coworker (that must have been only a few days shy of going bad) I decided to try to make lemonade.  Don’t ask me why this was my very first time EVER making fresh squeezed juice, but I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult for even a first-timer.  I didn’t even let a broken juicer get me down.  I squeezed every lemon by hand (a true labor of love lol), strained it into a pitcher, added water . .. added more water . . . and still more water, added sugar . . . and some more sugar- but nothing really made it taste right!  I’m wondering if I just don’t like the taste of freshly squeezed lemonade (or maybe I didn’t add enough sugar).  Hmm . . . I’m hoping someone at work will appreciate my hard work and at least lie about liking it and will take it home.  That way I won’t have to throw it out myself lol.


after all of the squeezing:

mmm . . . my hands still smell like fresh lemons :)  At least one good thing came out of this experience!

And finally, a few layouts from the weekend. Jen and I set up a crafting day for last Saturday, which turned into a total girl/sister day. We watched Toy Story 3 (which is now one of my favorite films!) and Cellular while crafting.  It was actually my first time scrapbooking away from my usual spot (my desk).  Therefore, I had a bit of planning to do since it couldn’t take all of my supplies with me.  This actually worked out great because I was able to pick out some papers that I’d been neglecting for awhile and it forced me to use them!

Here’s what I came up with . . .

This layout is dedicated to A and F (obviously), who are getting married this year.  I’m so happy for both of them!  They are, without a doubt, one of the cutest couple I know :)

And then two layouts with old family photos . . . I had lots of fun working with these :)


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