Pics of the Week!

I’m trying very hard to stick to my goal of taking a picture a day . . . even though I’m only through week one and I skipped 2 days! eeps! I think part of it is just getting in a habit so I actually remember to do it.  My rule right now is to take at least one picture on my phone each day.  I realize that the pictures may be less visually pleasing, but my main goal in this project is to just document the day . . . to give me a visual that captures a moment in my day.  Here we go:

Saturday: This plate captures the day perfectly. Made lots of delicious goodies with Jen :)

Tuesday: After-school snack, eaten on the way home. Mmm . . . pretty delicious!

Wednesday: Reserved my first domain name!

Thursday: I love my bouquet of colored pencils!

Grabbed some Starbucks after a meeting and then made even more coffee in the office later. Im so addicted to caffeine!


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