It’s official

It’s official- I’ve booked my flight to Washington DC in July :)  Needless to say- I’m so very excited about the trip!

Keeping up with my daily photo challenge, here are 5 moments from the past week:


Dear California Weather:

Why do you always tempt us with your beautiful sunny weekend days only to make the week days cold and gloomy?


Dear Grad Days,

You’ll be happy to know that I was very patient when I found out that I was the 1 in 84,000  students (according to the tech guy) who didn’t have their password and username synced in the university system, which left me waiting 3 hours to register for commencement and to get my cap and gown . . .


Dear Target,

Thank you :)


Dear Zumba,

Thank you for making my workout so much fun!


Dear Snail Mail,

You are still so fun to receive . . . except when you come in the form of bills and unnecessary advertisements . . .

The rest of today will be dedicated to making a significant dent in my portfolio work.  Then I get a break to have dinner with A (Woo hoo! :)

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully have my resume and personal statement completed and designed.  By Monday, I hope to have a wonderful progress report to upload!


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