I like to move it, move it . . .

I’ve been trying to create a new habit lately . . . going to the gym.  I’m very lucky that our gym is literally a five minute  walk from the office so I’ve been able to go during my lunch break on the days that I work full days.  It’s barely enough time to stretch, break a good sweat, shower, and head back to the office, but even a short workout gives me an extra boost of energy which helps me make the last part of my day extra productive.  For the last four years, my lunch break has been going to class (which is still the case for two days of the week), so I’m just reveling in the fact that sometimes I get to give my brain some time off lol.

Then, if I’m feeling good after school/work, I’ll either take a jog/run or join a class at the gym (thank you Zumba!)  But if I don’t have the energy then at least I have that quick workout under my belt.

My first week of working out I didn’t even take my ipod because there was just too much to figure out.  My coworker is a dedicated gym attendee so she took me under her wing for a day and just showed me some of the equipment.  I was grateful to not have to step onto an elliptical and look like the newbie that doesn’t know how to start it lol.  After all, doesn’t being in workout clothes and sweating your bootay off make you vulnerable enough in the beginning?

By week two I was feeling pretty comfortable with being at the gym.  I had started a routine . . . which was basically to not have a routine lol.  I usually do the same beginning stretches, but then I try to switch it up . . . I get bored easily.  To give me some extra motivation I decided to put together a “Workout Playlist.”  This was actually a bigger challenge then I thought it would be!  I needed a bunch of songs that would keep me moving!  I was kind of disappointed that it was hard to find workout playlists online that I really enjoyed.  So, I started from scratch (which is really the best way to do it anyway ;).  I’ve posted my picks below in hopes that it will help motivate somebody out there.  My choices are rather strange for me actually.  Usually I have a really ecclectic taste in music, but when it came down to picking motivating workout songs, I ended up going with mostly top 20 hits.  Oh well, I’ll still share loud and proud! :)

1) Hold it against me . . . Britney Spears

2) Till the world ends . . . Britney Spears

3) 4 minutes . . . Madonna

4) Hung up . ..  Madonna

5) Price tag . . . Jessie J

6) S&M . . . Rihanna

7) More . . . Usher

8) On the Floor . . . Jennifer Lopez

9) When Love Takes Over . . . David Guetta

10) Loca . . . Shakira

11) Sinnerman . . . Nina Simone

12) Only girl . . . Rihanna

13) The way you make me feel . . . Michael Jackson

14) Linack and Gold . . . Sam Sparro

15) Vagabond . . . Wolfmother

16) Morning after dark . . . Timbaland

17) Rude boy . . . Rihanna

18) 3 . . . Britney Spears

19) The anthem . . . Pit Bull & Lil John

20) Gives you hell . . . The All-American Rejects

21) Accidentaly in love . . . Counting Crows

22) Boys . . . Britney Spears

23) Gimme More . . . Britney Spears

24) I will . . . Holly Palmer (one of my faves :)

25) Kiss Kiss . . . Chris Brown

26) Take your mama . . . Scissor Sisters (another fave!)

27) Faith . . . George Michael

28) 100% pure love . . . Crystal Waters

29) No more . . . 3LW

30) Circus . . . Britney Spears

31) Mannequin . . . Britney Spears

32) Supermassive black hole . . .Muse

33) Mercy . . . Duffy


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