Freebie Friday?

Childhood photos are quickly becoming my favorite photos to scrap.  During the school quarter, things can get pretty monotonous- school, work, and homework on the weekdays and then homework, homework, homework on the weekends- with hopefully some reading and crafting thrown in for good measure.  I’m usually too tired to take pictures- even at events I sometimes just “forget” my camera so I don’t feel pressured to snap anything.  Yes, I admit- I must get out of that funky mood! I love taking photos, so I just need to start up again.

In the meantime, I have a rather large photo library of childhood pictures- and those deserve just as much attention, right?

And now for the weekly snapshot photo-log (in no particular order of days)

Dear Hallmark Cards,

You are fun to receive, but even more fun to give :)

Dear GoogleMaps,

I need a GPS . . . sorry.

Dear Panera,

Thank you for a Friday freebie . . . and for feeding my caffeine addiction.


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