Happy Friday!

These flowers are currently taking up about half of my bathroom counter! lol  But this space is well deserved by these pretty flowers :) Aren’t they cheerful?  They give me energy in the morning to start my day.

No pictures for this week- I feel like I’ve been living in a black hole for the last 5 days, just focusing on portfolio.  However, I see light at the end halfway point of the tunnel . . . I’m so excited to go to The Queen Bee Craft Fair tomorrow.  Finally, a break from everything, and getting out of town will be so relaxing.

Now, for some link love:

Love this idea as an alternative to your standard shelves.  I don’t think I would trust putting books on those shelves since that could be quite heavy.  But they would be perfect for momentos!

Love these red bar stools!

What a fantastic idea for how to create a cheap vase for little flowers.

I can’t wait to put together one of these when I have my own little balcony/patio.

This just may be the cutest tissue box I’ve ever seen!

A new favorite


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