Taking Flight . . .







I’m taking flight! I guess that phrase takes on multiple meanings for me right now.  Literally, it means that I will be taking my first plane ride ever in just a few days.  However, I feel like I have taken flight in other ways recently. With the whirlwind of graduation, celebrations, letting things go, and starting with new beginnings I feel like my world is full (in a good way :).  I have always known that the world is full of possibilities, and whenever I feel down I just remind myself of that.  However, now more than ever I feel like the possibilities are endless.  I want to do everything!!  I’m happier at work than ever, excited about the projects I’m working on and will be working on.  Most importantly, I’m grateful for free time and being able to spend it with friends and family and even by myself if only to just think!

I feel like this upcoming trip is just the start.  I’ve already planned about 5 other trips in my head lol.

Before I get ahead of myself thought (as I tend to do all the time), I want to talk about my “plan” for the upcoming trip.  I actually mentioned this a couple of blog posts back, so I won’t go into detail, but  I think this plan will work out well for me.  I know that traveling alone, I’m probably going to have plenty of down time to reflect, and I want a place to write down my thoughts.  I’m excited to fill up this little book with pictures, journaling, business cards, receipts, brochures, tickets, and other little pieces of paper that I collect along the way . .. anything that can tell my story :)

I changed the cover to be a bit more bright and fun.  I wasn’t too excited about the old cover! Below is a little sneak at the “before” journal :)

This is what I’ll be taking with me to journal along the way.  Everything fits into that little pink pouch. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get onto the plane with those sharp scissors, so I’m going to pick up either some child proof scissors or little rounded baby nail scissors.  If they make me toss them at the airport, I guess I’ll be an expert paper tear-er at the end of my journey :)





The book is mostly made up of recycled envelopes and scrapbook paper.  I love how the book is completely mismatched, but still bright and fun.  These pages are the most embellished ones in the book.  I left quite a few that are just blank so I’ll have plenty of room for journaling and adhering little pieces of paper.

These books are so much fun to make, and they’re not only for traveling!  I’m planning on making one for summer as well :)  It’s just a fun way to document along the way, wherever you may be going.





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