They call me the wanderer . . .

I have a really terrible sense of direction.  Ironically (or maybe not so ironically), I have never been a fan of maps.  Do you know of those “you are here” signs with the colorful landmarks and “easy to use” keys that are posted in malls and amusement parks?  Nope, I’m not a fan.  Unless you give me completely straight forward directions, like “go two blocks and make a left” I will probably get lost.  Even with those straight forward directions, it’s still no guarantee that I will get to my final destination without problems.

When I got to DC, I was very relieved to see that the streets in the downtown area were marked with letters of the alphabet and numbers.  Therefore, even if I could never find my way to my destination, I knew I would eventually be able to find my way back to the hotel. This opened up the possibilities to wander around endlessly, which is exactly what I did! On the first day I decided to just walk around and just see what I ran into.  10 hours were spent wandering in and out of museums, staring up at gorgeous monuments and statues, and soaking up the big city culture.  I had the most amazing time not knowing where I would end up next.  Okay, so maybe this sounds a little reckless- being alone in a new city and not really having a sense of direction.  I have to say, though, that the people I met in DC were so nice. Every street vendor I ran into was more than happy to point me in the direction of the monument/museum I wanted to go to.

The page below was SO much fun to create! I got to retrace my steps on the map (which it turns out, isn’t actually that hard to read ;-) I got to relive my experience at each monument, and I could vividly remember the streets that I walked down and even the area I was at when a huge rainstorm hit and I was caught without an umbrella.  So, now I guess I can say I am a bigger fan of touristy maps- even if I only pick one up with the intention of looking at it after the trip is over lol.

Also, it now seems appropriate to share what came out of my mini DC travel book . . . remember this little guy? . . .

Well, he went with me everywhere. It didn’t even get water damaged after a rain storm and water bottle leak that ended up soaking everything else in my purse! How did that happen?  Even though I took it with me everywhere each day, it actually didn’t make it out of my purse until I got back to the hotel each night.  However, I was very good about journaling and stapling in memorabilia at the end of the days.  It’s a good thing too, because I don’t think this journal would have ever been completed if I hadn’t almost completed it before the trip was over.

When I was finishing up this album, I didn’t really find many pictures that I felt I absolutely needed to include.  I felt like the memorabilia stood up alone pretty well.  For my 150 other printed pictures, I picked up some $2 photo albums from Target, and made a simple cover for each.  They will be fun to look through for years to come :)


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