This is why I scrapbook . . .

After watching Shimelle’s video in this guest post, I was inspired to think outside the box.  I have met people who have scrapbooked their entire lives and they are still just as giddy about it today as they were twenty or thirty years ago.  There’s a woman at my local scrapbook store who used to complement my choice of stickers when I was 10, and now we talk about inks, classes, and big ideas.  I always used to wonder how people scrapbooked their entire lives.  Didn’t they run out of things to take pictures of?  Didn’t they get tired of scrapping Christmases and Birthdays and all of those big events?  For me, that would have quickly become the biggest bore in my life.  If I had to wait for a big event to hit in order to fill out a page, I would spend more time waiting and much less time doing.  Lucky for me and many other scrapbookers out there, there’s no need to wait for big events to hit because each and every day is extraordinary in it’s own right.  I love celebrating a walk down the street, or the small gathering of friends just because.  Those are the special moments that I want to remember just as much as the “big” events.

I think it’s all about scrapping what’s important to you and what you find enjoyable.  All of this thinking about scrapbooking and what I scrapbook led me to another one of Shimelle’s questions: “Why do I Scrapbook?”  I know these reasons may be forever changing, but here is how it stands now: 1) It gives me a reason to take stock of my photos- to really examine them and the things that are going on in them.  Sometimes it gives me a chance to relive the experience or to examine my feelings that went along. 2) Things in life go by too fast.  Even when I’m snapping photos I miss way too much.  When I put together a page, things slow down.  3) It helps me tell my story. 4) I love pretty paper, stamps, inks, writing, and taking pictures! What could be better than having an art form that ties all of those things together? So there it is- 4 statements that hopefully encompass the many reasons of why I scrapbook!

Speaking of big events: here are two of my more recent unforgettable moments :) . . .


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