Goodbye, 23


I like a good challenge, probably a little bit more than the next guy.  I guess that’s why I’m not sure why I couldn’t plow through the list below. After all, I did have a year to complete everything. I started wondering how I could tour a big city alone, but not send out graduation cards or cook a three course meal.  This actually really bothered me as I was trying to fall asleep last night! Then I started thinking- Duh Sarah! Instead of thinking about all of the things you didn’t fully complete on the list, start thinking about all of the things you did that weren’t originally on the list, like graduating with your degrees, putting together a full design portfolio, working up to running 5 miles in under an hour, making new friends and growing even closer bonds to the girls that have become your sisters, helping your sister get ready for her big wedding day, and how about just learning to be a more confident and happy person even when things aren’t going your way?

In short, I’m happy I made the list, and will continue to do so until the list gets too long I can’t think of enough things to put on it! And in fact, I’m thinking of all sorts of ways that I can be more successful with completing my “24 List.”  However, I refuse will try to refuse to feel down about the things that I can’t cross off.  It’s so much more than crossing things off a list. It’s about doing what feels right, and challenging yourself to do things that you love (I know . . . that one sounds strange, right?).  So bring on the next 24! I think the upcoming year is going to be full of new adventures!

1. Practice my Spanish . . . I was successful in implementing Spanish Friday at work.  However, it only lasted one day.  And lets be honest . . . only for about an hour- major fail!

2. Cook a full course meal . . . eeek! Nope

3. Learn a new game . . . “Farkle”

4. Send more special occasion cards . . . Made them- yes.  Sent them out- Not exactly.

5. Develop more pictures . . . (Had lots of prints made and even developed and printed some of my own thanks to a couple photography classes).

6. Learn a new craft . . . Learned how to make cyanotypes

7. Drink only water (and juice in the morning) for an entire month . . . Dear coffee, how you make a goal like this so completely unreachable!

8. Make a piece of artwork for someone . . . (Shot, developed, printed, and framed railroad photos for Dad)

9. Take a dance class . . . Zumba was more fun than I can express.  Definitely doing it again this year.

10. Take more pictures . . . check

11. Travel by plane . . . Washington DC

12.  Read 12 novels . . . I forgot to count! I think I maybe read 6 this year.  If I throw in textbook reading, I’m sure it would exceed 12 though ;)

13.  Take an unplanned trip somewhere . . . Took a few.  Thank you GPS!

14. Visit Sea World . .. Planned for September

15. Organize all craft supplies . . . Yes, and they are still fairly organized.

16. Do one layout per day for a month . . . Fail!

17. Learn Illustrator . . .  I know more than I did last year, but I’m still not as comfortable with it as I am with other design programs.

18. Finish Two Peas photo challenge . . . no

19. Take more walks . . . Check :)

20. Go to a Lakers game . . . (Too expensive!)

21. Go to a concert . . . Prince- thanks, Vanessa!

22. Blog more frequently . . . Pretty consistent.

23. Work out consistently . . . Oh yeah!


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