The 24 List

A new year, new adventures, and a new list :) I am so excited to start working towards doing all of the the items on this list! The 23 list went okay, but this year I’d like to try super hard to do every single thing here- I think it’s possible.  This year I will be documenting and will have the list either posted somehow or easily accessible so it’s a constant reminder! Anywho, here’s the list:

1. Visit Sea World

2. Do something I’m afraid of doing

3. Participate in community event

4. Submit card/page to a magazine

5. Follow more maps

6. Fall in love

7. Organize special gathering for besties

8. Take an art class

9. Drink only water for 1 month

10. Run 900 miles

11. Read 20 novels

12. Participate in 4 photo challenges

13. Visit 6 new museums

14. Create a website

15. Try 3 new ethnic dishes

16. Journal more frequently

17. Start a garden

18.  Take a dance class

19. Build something

20 Reach a happy weight

21. Go bungee jumping

22. Watch 5 John Wayne movies

23. Make a mixed CD every month

24. Visit 6 new craft fairs


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