The Process Behind a Page

One thing I have noticed about my “process” is that when I have a clean desk I seem to plan my pages more carefully.  When my desk is a mess I just sort of grab whatever is visible.  I haven’t decided yet what method works best for me lol- it just kind of depends on how I feel.

Here’s how the “24” layout came together . . .

After selecting 3 photos that were taken in a progression, I took one of the photos into Photoshop so I could adjust the Levels, Curves, Color Balance, etc.  I recorded all of my steps using Actions so I could easily apply the effects to the other two photos.  After I was satisfied with the result, I brought my other two photos into Photoshop and applied the same steps using the Action I had just created.  I wanted the saturation to be different on all three photos, so for one I left the saturation the same, for another I decreased the saturation by 50% and on the third I completely desaturated it.  Next, I cropped each photo to about 2.5 x 2.5″.

Next, I used Illustrator to create my circles for the list items.  I used the Shape Tool to create 1″ circles and the Area Type Tool to type inside the circles.  I originally selected 1″ for the circles because I knew I would be able to easily cut them out using my only circle punch.  I am happy that it was a good size for the layout too :)

After some printing, cutting, and punching I got all of the items I knew I would use together.

I don’t think I’ve used my tracing paper since my Freshman year of college, but for this part of the page it worked perfectly!

After cutting down my photos to 2.5 x 2.5″ I moved them around the page until everything looked right.  I try not to tape/glue anything down until it’s necessary.  I like to move all of my main elements around until I’m happy with how they are laid out.  Even then I sometimes peal things up and glue them down in other areas.

After arranging, rearranging and then more rearranging I glued down my photos and used dimensional adhesives to adhere the typography circles.

Next, some final touches with buttons and stickers.

And Ta-Da! The final product!


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