The Laziness Syndrome

Being completely honest:  This weekend I have the I-have-too-much-free-time-on-my-hands-and-all-I-want-to-do-is-sleep-and-eat-processed-junk-food syndrome lol.  I should have seen this coming!  For the last month,the weekends have been wonderfully filled with people visiting or going out to visit people.  The weekends always went by so fast, but when Monday came I was completely satisfied :)  Those will be my weekends for the next two months  . . .  but then there’s this weekend- all to myself. hmmmmm . . ..

At the end of this weekend I’m probably going to ask myself, “Did you clean your desk? Did you wake up early at least once to run 5 miles? Did you make a dent in that reading stack? Did you go buy that wedding gift?” I’m hoping with all of my might that the answer to all of those questions will be “yes.”  I guess there’s nothing (except me) from holding me back from completing all of those. Oh boy.

One thing that I did complete last night was this layout :)

I used photos from last weekend’s LA adventure, and lots of papers and embellishments from the new Amy Tangerine for American Crafts line, which I was so excited to get my hands on!!  I think they have added more goodies since I bought from the Two Peas site.  I love the papers and embellishments (and wishing I had these fabric remark stickers). But I have to say that my favorite is that little camera stamp from this set.  I can see myself reusing it over and over again on future layouts :)

Maybe I should add “complete more layouts” to my “to do” list for this weekend.  Okay, just did ;) Happy weekend!




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