One Little Word: Choose

ChooseI can feel 2013 . . . it is only hours away! A new year brings new goals, new possibilities, and I’m sure some new struggles to overcome.  I have spent the last few days thinking a lot about the past year . . . 2012 brought so many things I am grateful for.  I moved into my first apartment,  which I slowly transformed into a home I am proud of, I ran my first half marathon along with three others, I took two great trips to new places (Vegas and Seattle), I fell in love . . . I will never forget what 2012 has brought to my life.

Now, looking forward, I get to think about more great things that the future may hold.  In previous years I had thought about choosing a word for the year, which I first read about on Alie Edwards’ blog.  Alie has a few great posts about what the meaning of the “one little word” is, but essentially it is a word to think about, meditate on, and has the potential to change your life that year. Choosing a word always seemed like such a great idea, but I could never commit to a word!  However, in the last week, I have been thinking about this quite a bit . . . and the word I come up with is Choose.  It seems so simple at first . . . I mean, we choose every day . . . choose what we eat, where we go, who we talk to, what we do . . . but when do we consciously think about what the meaning of our choices are?  In 2013, I want to consciously make choices to better my life . . . they might be little things, like Choosing to not eat that extra slice of pizza when I’m not hungry, or choosing to spend a day on an art project because it feels like the thing to do.  Or they could be bigger things like Choosing to let little things go so time is not wasted on an argument, or Choosing to not little things worry me (especially the things I have no control over).  Yes, some of these choices will be easy, but I have a feeling that the ones I really think about will be the difficult ones.  I want to start of 2013 with a few choices . . . what’s a new year without resolutions anyways ;-)

1) I choose to be a healthier person (eat better and not exhaust myself)

2) I choose to be more focused (finish more projects before moving on to the next)

3) I choose to be more organized and simple

4) I choose to set new goals and adjust them as needed

5) I choose not worry so much about the little things

So there it is . .  Choose.  I can’t wait to see how the choices I make in the coming year will effect my life.  I’m looking forward to the journey! Stay tuned ;-)


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