The little printer that could

I’ve spent about a week with my new little Selphy cp900 printer.  It all started when I saw a cute video on Dear Lizzy’s blog.  I was impressed with how easy the printing process looked, and since I’ve recently become addicted to Instagram, the feature of printing directly from an iPhone was a big “Yes, Please!” for me.  After doing some research of my own (mainly reading consumer reviews) I marched down to my local Best Buy and picked one up.  What I’ve learned within the last week of using this printer is that it truly is small but mighty.  After the initial setup (which isn’t difficult as long as you take a quick look at the manual) the printing process is quite fun.  There is a lot of versatility even if you only print from an iPhone- which is the only way that I have printed so far.  You can use Instagram or PicFrames to apply filters and borders and you can change the shape, size, etc. all with the convenience of using a phone.  This is great for me since I sometimes don’t want to wait around for pictures to be printed  before starting to scrapbook.  An added plus that I found is being able to watch the different colors applied to the photo paper.  The paper is run through the printer 4 times- once for yellow, then magenta, then cyan, then black and you get to see the image after each color is placed.  The photo geek in me almost squealed when I noticed this.

IMG_2531The best part about this printer is the actual quality of the photos that are printed.  I really enjoy how clear and pigmented the photos look.  It really is a no-fuss printer, which for me is a really big deal after dealing with a super fussy printer at my parents’ house for several years.  So far, I am really happy with this purchase :-)



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