A video about our little adventure to Vegas . . .

I probably would have been jumping up and down if it hadn’t been 11:30pm when I finished uploading this video on my computer.  I was so very excited to actually figure out how to use iMovie (with help from a couple of YouTube videos) and then put together something from start to finish.  What I realized is that iMovie is actually incredibly easy to learn (as most apple software programs are). Drag, Cut, Add, Upload, and Voila!

A video montage is something that I have wanted to do for awhile, but I would either feel like I didn’t have enough footage or the theme didn’t excite me enough to actually get started.  This trip to Las Vegas was different.  I actually didn’t film very much footage- it was O that picked up the camera a lot of the time and started filming.  He’s much braver than me and actually trusts that he can hold onto an iPhone through an entire roller coaster ride, HA! Therefore, there was some “exciting” footage as well ;-)

Don’t get me wrong, if you know one thing about me, its that I LOVE taking and working with pictures (just look at what I do in my free time!), but for a little adventure, it’s nice to look back on something that has real movement and sometimes (sometimes!) video can capture a moment better than a photograph.

If I look back, I start to regret that I didn’t take some footage from Seattle and our little trip to San Luis Obispo.  But alas, there is no time to look back! I hope to create more little video montages in the future (which will hopefully be a little more polished), but for now I’m perfectly excited with this.  Its a special baby- my first video :-)

You can also see the video at http://vimeo.com/64786275

Everything was filmed using my iPhone and edited using iMovie.  Song is Camera by Rabbit!


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