A different kind of four wheel adventure!


What is it about childhood activities that makes you feel giddy all over again?  I remember when I was planning to move out of my parent’s house I sat down with my sister on the living room floor to go through two giant tubs of barbies.  We dumped everything out and took turns picking the barbies, clothes, accessories that we wanted to hold onto and one day pass on to our kids.  During that process we got giddy with excitement- just about giving in to the temptation of building a little house our of TV trays for our little dolls to live in at that very moment!  Playing with Barbies was a significant passtime of my childhood, and so was roller skating!

ImageI remember pretending that I was an ice skater like Kristi Yamaguchi competing for the olympic gold medal.  I would skate around our parent’s back yard while blasting Jenn’s little pink radio to The Drifters (This Magic Moment) . . . and while we’re being so open on the blog right now, I guess I should admit that sometimes I even pretended I was in a couples competition and I would imagine my partner (aka Prince Charming) was twirling me around the ice (ahem- cement). Ha! Those were the days!Image

Well, now I have my prince charming.  And even though he wasn’t twirling me around on a path in the middle of nowhere (which would have been very freaky!) it was still incredibly special. It was the reliving of a childhood memory- only this time, thankfully, without any scrapes and bruises :-)


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