A Fun Little Photo App


I always get so excited when I see a new Photo App pop up in itunes.  It’s like seeing a new toy in the store.  However, instead of having to head down to the local toy store, the app is right there.  . . ready for good old instant download ;-) When I saw this new app from the blog writers of A Beautiful Mess, I knew I wanted to play around with it, which is exactly what I did :-)

The cost of the app is .99 cents and it comes with quite a few borders, fonts, doodles, and phrases.  Then they also have additional “packages” available for purchase within the app.  I saw some complaints in iTunes reviews about the cost of the additional packages from people that felt like they should be included in the initial download.  However, speaking from a scrapbookers standpoint, I kind of see this app like a stamp set.  If you were to buy all of the packages from within the app it would cost about $11.00.  That is the average price of a good stamp set.  So far I’ve only bought two add-ons (phrases and text) and I’ve been perfectly content playing around with those.  Its nice to have this option for adding interest directly to photos on the phone.


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