The Proposal

ImageJuly 14, 2013- It’s a day that I’m always going to remember.  The day that he asked and I said “yes” with all of my heart.  The day was simple, and special, and full of love.  Very similar words could be used to describe our relationship.  I don’t really know if it’s what I was expecting, because I honestly hadn’t thought about how “it” was going to happen.  Secretly I had hoped that I wouldn’t be dressed like a slob (although in the end I know that wouldn’t have mattered), and I just prayed (and dropped subtle hints) that it would be only us there so we could just share the moment together.  How it was planned was perfect.  It was easy. It was special.  It was fun. It was one of the happiest days of my life!


It started with a plan that I already knew about.  We were going to go to church and then head out to Newport beach to eat dinner at my favorite Italian restaurants.  I was soooooo excited for Omar to try the food there because it’s a place I had raved about ever since going for Sam’s birthday last May.  (Seriously, Mama D’s is a must-visit in the Newport area).  As far as knew it was just going to be another fun day out and about with O.



The again, there were little hints of extra specialness thrown into the day like a note that O left on my car door in the morning, a stop at my favorite bakery in West Covina after church, and yes- the fact that he shaved! ;-) I kind of had a feeling all day long, but I didn’t want to think about it too much for fear that I would start expecting it would happen and end up a little sad that “today wasn’t the day.”


After eating an incredibly delicious meal at Mama D’s we headed down to the beach, which was less than a mile away.  I had brought my laptop (yes, I wondered why O had asked me to bring my laptop but I just went along with it  :-)  We found a nice grassy area and laid down a towel for us to sit on.  I knew something was up when O started making a little makeshift tripod with my flip flop and laptop case (very inventive ;-) and set his point and shoot camera on “record” mode.  This was it . . . I knew it . . . but I still told myself this could just be a big surprise- maybe an early birthday present or something, ha!

And then . . . there it was . . . this perfect little slideshow started playing on my laptop and I knew THIS was the moment.  I watched our relationship play out in pictures . . . our trip to Disneyland, our first pumpkin carving adventure, that hilarious night at Wal-Mart where I picked out a ridiculous eye patch accessory . . . so many amazing moments we have spent together.  So much love.  So much happiness.  All with my best friend.

The slideshow was accompanied by a background song that Omar arranged and played on the piano (how much extra specialness could I have asked for?! :).  I was already in tears when the slideshow ended, but the followup of Omar saying, “Sarah, I have a question for you” made me really lose it.  That was it, and the “will you be my wife?” question made it official.  It was an obvious “yes” that I managed to get out.  Perfect.  Simple.  Us.

ImageI know that there is a lot to come.  Even with planning a small wedding, I know there is much to do.  But this is a day that I am always going to remember.  The day that my best friend asked me to be his forever.



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