52 Reasons

This was kind of one of those lingering projects . . . one that I really wanted to do, but when thinking about the tediousness of making 52 cards in pretty much the same manner, I have to say that it didn’t leave me very excited.  Although, thinking about it now, it was probably good practice for when I’ll be designing and assembling our wedding invitations!


This is a project that has surfaced on Pinterest more times than I can remember! It’s such a great idea for Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just to give to a friend or family member.  For me, it was a “just because” gift for O.  52 Reasons why I love him.

I picked up just a standard deck of cards from Target (if I had been patient enough, I might have picked up a deck from a place we travel to . . . gift shops always carry playing cards), and used some small scraps of paper (I stuck with 5 or 6 light patterns).  Then I wrote down my list of 52 reasons, got busy adhering with washi tape and some glue, and bound it together using a binder spiral, which was originally helping to hold up my spare bathroom shower curtain (shhhhh . . . don’t tell anyone ;-) I also added a few little pictures to the back of some of the cards that corresponded with what was written on the front.  And ta-da! I presented it by tying some gardener’s twine around the little booklet which helped hold everything together.


The best part is . . . he really liked it :-)


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