Around Here



There’s been a lot of planning going on around here lately.  I’ve been exuberant in some moments and in tears the next.  Stressed out and neurotic one day, calm and happy the next.  Talk about your emotional roller coaster!

Most nights after work are dedicated to wedding research.  I swear that could be a full time job in itself!  I have fun looking Pinterest photos and reading blog posts about people’s magical days- thinking about how it looks like everything came together so beautifully, and then wondering if our wedding day will be as successful.  Yes, lots of wedding planning.

However, there are also the moving plans.  I won’t be living in my apartment for much longer and these are likely to be the last few weeks/months that I will ever live alone.  98% of me is so ecstatic about that.  I’m so excited about marrying O and for us to be living together.  I miss him like crazy when we’re not together and I want us to not have to say “goodbye” at the end of the night ever again.  But there is that little 2% that may miss the temporary solitude when I’d just sit alone with my thoughts.  I’m sure I’ll still have that- but it will forever be different.

This upcoming weekend I’m going to try my best to just relax.  I want to enjoy it! I’m turning 26! There’s a Train concert planned, a brunch with family, a trip to Temecula (with hopefully wine tasting included ;-) and the best part- I finally get to meet O’s best friend and his wife!  Fun days ahead . . . :-)


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