5 Things: Currently


1. Usually by this time every year I am overjoyed with the fact that Christmas is just around the corner.  Christmas music is playing, gift buying is underway, and decoration planning is in the works.  This year feels different though.  With so much wedding planning going on, there just hasn’t been enough time to look that far ahead.  I’m going to enjoy the Christmas festivities this year . . . but in smaller doses.

2.  I’m feeling oh so thankful that we decided to have a small wedding.  I’m constantly reminded of just how “us” it is.  I’m not a planner of big events, I get nervous around mass amounts of people, and I would be so stressed if we were trying to do things on a large scale.  Even 50 guests seems large right now . . . but its definitely manageable, especially with such an amazing and helpful fiance.

3. I have a few more DIY projects I need to complete before the wedding in a few weeks.  It will get done one way or another . ..  crunch time!

4.  I’m realizing that finding time to read is more of a choice than something that can just happen these days.  Somethings gotta give, and I think its gotta be something technology related.

5. Now that most of my crafting stuff has been organized and packed away for the big move, I really want to craft! Note to self: Whenever feeling uninspired- organize to recharge :-)


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