Wooden Heart Shadow Box Guest Book

ImageFor our wedding guest sign in book I knew I wanted to create something that could be displayed in our house.  We don’t really grab for picture albums very often (in fact, I can’t even remember the last time we did!), and though it’s a really nice memento to have a book I was afraid that ours might start collecting dust.  I decided to search for some alternative ideas via etsy and pinterest . . . and boy did I find some good ones!  I ran my favorite picks by Omar and he seemed to like the simple and non-uniform looking guestbook ideas the best.  The one that caught our eye was this one on Etsy.  So, I ran out to Michaels and purchased a shadowbox (for about $7 with a 50% off coupon) some little wooden hearts, and some ultra fine tip sharpie markers.  That was about all the prep work I had to do before the wedding.  Each guest signed a heart, dropped it in a basket, and voila! . . . guest book was pretty much complete.

Image  Last night I went through all of the hearts that people had signed (this was the best part :-) and just randomly placed them in the shadowbox.  I chose a piece of patterned paper for the background, added some black thickers to customize, and here it is!  I really love how versatile this is- I could change out the patterned paper at any time or change the title, but for now this is perfect.  

ImageHere are some other interesting guest book ideas I loved:

1) I thought this idea was pretty cute.  They have several variations that can fit the couple’s style.

2) I love this modern print.  Might have gone with this if we would have had a larger wedding.

3) I love this classic take on the wedding guest book.  Love the added color with the natural wood.

4) Love this statement piece.

5) This idea is awesome!  Great idea since so many people have photo booths set up at the wedding.



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