DIY Wedding: Plotted Succulent ‘Thank You’ Favors


I love how versatile this gift is, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to receive a little plotted plant?  These little succulents will survive inside or outside, and they’re so low maintenance that even the most neglectful plant person (like myself) will have a hard time killing them.  I keep 2 little plants in our kitchen window and 2 in my craft room window.  They are the perfect size to sit up on a windowsill, out of the way but right in sight :-) And the fact that these were the mementos that our guests took away from our wedding is just so satisfying.  Not only am I reminded of our special day when I see our plants, but I LOVE to see them sitting in my friends’ and families’ windows.  The best part is that you can really customize your pot exactly how you want . . . you can switch up the plant, paint the pot (or do some toll painting!), add ribbon instead of the lace. . .  Honestly, the possibilities are endless :-)


succulents 2

succulents 3

Here are a few variations of this plotted plat that I really like:

– Love how organic these are.

– I almost went with a glass pot like this, but felt that the clay pot fit better with our theme.

– I love how bright and cheerful these pots are.

Happy planting!


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