Foodie Friday: Red Velvet Cake Balls

cake balls

I’ve wanted to try making cake balls for quite some time now, but of course in my mind I thought it was going to be SUPER simple .  . . and I was wrong.  I really don’t know whether it was the cake mix I used (super moist red velvet) or adding too much frosting (1 and 1/2 cans of cream cheese vanilla), but these cake balls were tough to work with, so much so that I even considered throwing away the batter several times.  However, I pushed through and made about 24 giant red velvet cake balls covered with milk, white, and semi-sweet chocolate . . . and I’m happy to report that they went over very well last Super Bowl Sunday with a bunch of hugry men, and at work the following Monday with a bunch of health conscious co-workers. Score!

If you’re interested in testing out these cake balls, I hope that the tips below will help you out.  Just keep in mind . . . even if it starts looking like you have a giant cake massacre on your hands, you can still salvage the cake balls!

So, if I was going to make these cake balls again, here’s what I would do (changes are of course included!): Bake cake as recipe is stated on box; wait for the cake to cool down until it is still warm, but cool enough to work with; mix in frosting slowly (you may not need an entire can).  At this point, if your cake ball mixture seems too moist to dip in the chocolate, simply roll the dough into balls and stick them in the refrigerator for a few hours.  After they are ready, melt some chocolate on the stove, or in a bowl (microwaving and stirring in 30 second intervals).  Coat the cake balls evenly in chocolate (note that smaller balls are going to be easier to work with).  Set them on some wax paper to cool completely, and feel free to add some sprinkles for added prettiness! The cake balls will harden in no time and you can finally enjoy them :-)


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