A Valentine’s Day Wish list?

Valentine's Day Favorites

Happy Valentine’s Day! . . . okay, not quite yet, but I typically get into the festive spirit about a week (or sometimes 2!) before a special occasion hits!  Omar and I like to keep our Valentine’s Days pretty low key . . . this year we’re going to hit up an In-and-Out and then go see the new Lego movie.

I’m not usually the type of girl to put together a gift guide, but since I’ve been on a bit of a shopping hiatus since before our wedding in December, I recently had the urge to put together a wish list.  I like to think of it as a little e-window shopping, ha! And if this just happens to give my hubby some ideas for Valentine’s day, then all the better, right? ;-)

This pleated polkadot apron from Anthropologie is the perfect kitchen fashion accessory.

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice iPad case, and this one fits the bill!

I’ve gotten so much use out of my Naked 1 Urban Decay eyeshadow palette, that I know this would be a great “investment.”  I almost splurged on this for my wedding makeup, but they were sold out everywhere in December!

These black booties are awesome!  My brown ones are currently my most worn item in my closet.

I love how fun these cameras are.  I’m all for some instant photo print gratification.

Stripes meet maxi dress in this perfect combination . . . yes, please!

I just think this “You Complete Me” donut mug is SO CUTE!

Would love this fashionable tote to protect my camera!


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